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Various resource materials that I have created.
Materials on this page is made available as a public resource. However, I do request that anyone who use or derive works from these materials to acknowledge the source. A mention of me as the author of these resources with a link to this page in the program notes, forward, footnote, or wherever appropriate is much appreciated.

Bass clarinet altissimo fingering chart for Buffet Prestige low C bass clarinets: (most fingerings also work on low C bass clarinets of other brands and models)

Clarinet multiphonic fingering chart compiled as part of my doctoral research project. The complete research paper is available through the link found in the "Research" page.

My own voicing exercise to help develop control over our tongue and its range of motion.

2 octave major and minor scales written out by fingering to help students learn and memorize scales by finger pattern rather than notes. Intended for soprano clarinet, but also works with bass clarinet with the exception of altissimo notes and extended lower range.

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