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Dr. Jack Liang is a freelance musician and private teacher in the Greater Vancouver area. Liang regularly performs throughout North America and Europe as a soloist and a member of The Ambassador Trio. He enjoys performing works from a variety of musical styles, with a special interest in contemporary music. His interest in contemporary music has led to the exploration of new sonic and performance possibilities for the clarinet.

Liang's research examines non-articulatory tongue motion during clarinet performance, with a focus on multiphonic production. As part of this research, he created a new multiphonic resource to serve performers, pedagogues, and composers. The resource includes a catalogue of over 600 dyad multiphonics, with detailed strategies for learning to produce each multiphonic.

Liang maintains a private studio offering private lessons and ensemble coachings. He is also a regular guest artist at high schools, colleges, and universities throughout North America offering clinics and masterclasses.

Liang earned a doctorate and master's degree from Arizona State University under the tutelage of Dr. Robert Spring and Dr. Joshua Gardner. He also holds a bachelor's degree from University of British Columbia where he studied with Cris Inguanti.

The Ambassador Trio is dedicated to popularizing and expanding the repertoire for any combination of three instruments from the clarinet family. The trio performs regularly at festivals, conferences, and post-secondary institutions. Since its inception, the trio has commissioned numerous works from composers of various musical styles as part of its mission to expand the repertoire for three clarinets. The trio is constantly seeking opportunities for collaboration with interested composers.

Dr. Liang is a Chedeville Endorser Artist. He plays exclusively on the Chedeville Umbra Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece and Chedeville Elite Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece.

Portrait: Dr. Jack Liang
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